Tactical Eyewear, Ballistic Eyepro

Creators of the world’s fastest tint-changing eyewear, e-Tint®.


e-Tint®: Award-winning science meets military precision.

Using patented, advanced liquid crystal technology, our hands-free tactical eyewear
instantaneously and automatically shifts lenses from light to dark in 0.1 of a second.

A soldier wearing Tactical Eyewear

The world’s fastest-tinting eyewear is also the ONLY electronically-tintable eyewear approved for use by the U.S. Army (APEL).

Tactical eyewear

When every second counts; electronic, instantly-tinting eyewear that meet Military-grade specs for safer tactical operations.

Cyclist wearing CTRL Sports Eyewear

From ski goggles and sunglasses to helmet visors, instant light adaptation features to support peak performance.

Two soldiers wearing Military Tactical Eyewear
Protect Your Eyes, Protect Your Life

Soldiers, police, hunters and power athletes rely on their vision to complete maneuvers and, in some cases, save their life. There’s no time for visual delay in these situations where every second counts.

CTRL® Eyewear’s record breaking tint-changing ballistic eyewear meets and exceeds even the strictest military standards. As the world’s fastest tint-changing eyepro, a single lens goes from dark to light or light to dark in 0.1 second, keeping your hands free and your eyes on target.



Developed for strategic military application in partnership with the Air Force, Navy and Army, CTRL® has the great distinction of being the first and only electronic switchable-tint eyewear approved by and placed on the US Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL) for soldiers.

In fact, our product is so different that the Army created a new category for it.

CTRL® eyewear is available to consumers worldwide.

CTRL Eyewear example

What is e-Tint®?

e-Tint® is an award-winning innovation in liquid crystal technology, designed specifically for eyewear applications.

Created in AlphaMicron’s groundbreaking physics labs in Ohio, the patented e-Tint® technology uses advanced liquid crystal sciences and the latest electronics to provide unprecedented electronic control over the visual experience. The result? Instantaneous Electronic Tint-on-Demand™ whether with a touch of a button or automatically through sensors for a hands-off user experience.

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World-record tint changing
at 0.1 seconds


Hands-free or manual modes
for complete control


Single-lens tinting, for continuous
protection in any environment


    • Electronic: Battery-operated liquid crystal lens
    • Fail-safe: Designed to go clear without power
    • Adjustable: Nose-piece and temple arms for perfect fit
    • Impact: ANSI z87.1 impact resistant lens
    • Optics: ANSI z80.3 optical performance
    • Battery life: 70+ hours continuous use
    • 100% UV blocking
    • Anti-glare
    • Anti-fog coating
    • RX –  Prescription add-on lens (select models)

A diagram of CTRL Tactical Eyewear
Technology behind e-Tint


E-Tint® lenses use advanced physics to offer the latest electronically tintable experience-adjust to ambient lighting in the blink of an eye without needing to lift a finger. Enhance performance with the world’s fastest lens changing speed. Within 0.1 second, go from light to dark, or dark to light – faster than any photochromic glasses or sunglass in the world.

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Soldiers in warfare wearing Tactical Eyewear


Meeting the highest standards of military precision, E-Tint® products are approved for use by America’s most prized citizens: it’s soldiers. Now listed on the United States Army’s APEL list, the world’s fastest tint changing sunglasses assess incoming light and switch automatically – in 0.1 second – between two different tint stages (clear or dark). Determine your light threshold then let the electronic eyewear do the work. Hands-free and manual modes available.

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Take total CONTROL at the press of a button, or shift tint AUTOmatically to adjust to ambient lighting- enhance your performance with sharp vision in any lighting condition. Rely on extended wear options with E-Tint’s unprecedented 70 hours of in-use battery life.

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The e-Tint visor inserts are a groundbreaking piece of
technology that allows you to tint your visor with the push of a button.

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Thumbs up for the e-Tint powered helmet visor.

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In two years the entire peloton will use this type of eyewear.

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