AlphaMicron (AMI®) was founded in 1996 to specifically create a technology for the Department of Defense, giving the warfighter electronic control over the tint of their eyewear. Working with the Air Force, Navy, and Army, we have successfully developed the first military-grade liquid crystal technology for sunlight protection in the battlefield, where speed and control are essential. The system is currently undergoing vigorous field testing by the Navy Seals.

After a decade of research and product development, AlphaMicron has commercialized a version of this technology, e-Tint®, for the consumer markets. We tested the concept for a ski goggle application in 2005 and received the “Best of What’s New” award by Popular Science. Since then, we have been granted numerous accolades including the “Emerging Technology” award presented by the Thomas Edison Program. AlphaMicron is now applying this innovative technology to motorsport applications.

In February of 2011, AMI launched the patented e-Tint® MX-8 LCD motorcycle visor insert, addressing the rider’s demand for sun and fog protection on the road. This ground- breaking application finally offers a solution to handling the chanllenge of varying light and weather conditions during a ride.

e-Tint® was born from revolutionary liquid crystal science. Whether it is tactical eyewear for the military or civilian sports applications, we are continually developing our technology to meet the demands for protection in the eyewear industry.

For more information about AlphaMicron and further research and development, please visit www.alphamicron.com