New APEL Eyewear List Is Released By The US Army


What Is APEL Eyewear?

     If you are unfamiliar with APEL Eyewear, or the items on the Approved Protective Eyewear List, it is essentially the list of eyewear that the military members are allowed to wear. All of the protective eyewear must meet or exceed stringent military standards in order to assure that military members have the best eye protection available. Currently, all members of the list are required to meet ballistic standards and visibility standards. Any eyewear on this list then, would be called APEL.

Here is a picture of the new list:

The New APEL Eyewear List

As represented in the poster, there are many different options, and even many different categories to accommodate many needs. Obviously the Cold Weather Goggles section is great for anyone facing cold weather conditions. Transition eyewear, created by our company, is another section on the poster. These spectacles and goggles are useful in changing light conditions such as being in vehicles, wooded areas, or even moving in and out of buildings. Another thing to consider when looking at the list, or even deciding on a pair to use, is whether or not the spectacles or goggles accommodate for prescriptions. In total, 16 of the 27 options allow for prescription integration.

The New List

The Military makes sure that their members have the best equipment available. This is why they make sure to update the list, making sure that all items still meet the requirements. At E-Tint we are proud of our APEL certified eyewear, as many on the list are. It is a privilege to provide equipment to those who fight for our freedom.

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