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Akari® AX12 Arai


Custom made to fit Arai® brow vented shields, the AX12 ARAI operates with a USB rechargeable battery and installs easily onto your faceshield in minutes. Complete control over your tint lies in a small button that mounts to the outside of your shield. Switch between light and dark tint instantly with the quick touch of a button, or automatically via the built-in light sensor. So focus on what’s important…you and the road!

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Custom made for Arai® Helmets! Meet the AX12 Arai….

Specifically designed to fit Arai brow-vented faceshields, the new & improved AX12 Arai features e-Tint®, the patented liquid crystal technology enabling the rider to change tint from light to dark in less than 1/100th of a second. The Akari® AX12 Arai operates with a USB rechargeable battery and installs easily onto your faceshield in minutes – no tools necessary. The adhesive mesh liner offers additional light filtration around the insert and offers easy transfer to other shields. Complete control over your tint lies in a small button that mounts to the outside of your faceshield. Switch between light and dark instantly with the quick touch a button, or automatically via the built-in light sensor.

Would you like to check if the AX12-Arai will fit your helmet & faceshield? Download our Sizing Template above to print and cut-out!


  • NEW!  Improved transmission for better UVA/UVB protection
  • NEW!  Enhanced optics exceeds ANSI Z87.1 haze standards
  • NEW!  Now made with polycarbonate for stronger durability
  • NEW! Improved electronics with over 40 hours of battery life. The e-Tint® system is voltage driven and uses very little current. A fully charged battery offers at least forty (40) hours of tinted operation. Leave a fully charged AX12 on the shelf and you will still have tinting power after 3 weeks. The AX12 Arai is powered by a lithium polymer battery, and is rechargeable via a supplied micro-USB cable.
  • Superior anti-fog. Exceptional vision. Akari® inserts includes a permanent anti-fog coating eliminating the need for re-application, like most wipe or spray anti-fog solutions. This feature is further enhanced by the double lens system.
  • Liquid crystals. From the lab to the road. e-Tint® technology is based primarily on a liquid crystal system. A customized mixture of proprietary dyes, in a liquid crystal host, is sandwiched between two flexible plastic substrates coated with transparent electrodes. By applying voltage to the substrates, the electro-optic response of the liquid crystal is used to control the orientation of dyes, and consequently the tint of the insert.
  • Durable Design. The AX12 Arai is produced with a high-quality and distortion-free polycarbonate plastic offering stronger durability and quality vision. The electronics are housed in a sleek and aerodynamic button that is mounted to the outer, left-hand side of the faceshield
    with an automotive grade, pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Automatic/Manual option. You’re in control. The AX12 Arai can operate in a traditional manual mode (on/off) by a simple press of a button, or in a automatic, light-sensing mode. A light-sensitive photo cell is adapted into the external button, enabling the insert to change tint automatically. The AX12 electronics are also easily programmable to automatically change tint in the lighting condition of your choosing.
  • Enhanced UV protection. While most faceshields provide 98% UV protection, the Akari insert offers additional UV protection through the liquid crystal system, and double lens.
  • Easy install. No tools. No hassle. Install the AX12 Arai onto your faceshield in minutes – no tools necessary. This insert is equipped with an thin, adhesive vinyl border so you can simply peel, center, and stick into place! Installation templates are provided with the insert to assure a centered and correct position on your faceshield. Scratch or ding your faceshield? No problem. The AX12 Arai can easily peel off the shield and transfer to new one.
  • Power fails. You don’t. The Akari® system is equipped with a “fail-safe mechanism” to ensure your safety on the road. In the event of a power failure, the insert will automatically default to clear.



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  1. Richard McDonald (verified owner)

    I’m surprised that I’m the first reviewer. I’ve only managed to install it in my helmet. I didn’t realize that it doesn’t work with a pin-lock visor and had to order a new visor. Hence the delay in writing this.

    The visor installs easily enough. The template is mandatory to install it. That was a good idea. I was worried that it would be dark even when not set to shade. It isn’t clear but it’s fine. When set to shade, it makes a good difference. And it certainly has a “cool factor”.

    Thanks to AMI Powersports customer service for very nicely and expeditiously handling a minor problem. Well done.

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