The CTRL® TS3 satisfies multiple demands during performance: safety, control, and convenience, all in an instant! Our patented e-Tint®  technology enables the user to change from light to dark tint in less than 1/10th of a second.

  • Exceeds U.S. Military eyewear ballistic impact resistance requirements (MIL-PRF-32432A)
  • Instant electronic tint change in < 0.1 of a second
  • Matte black frame and smoke lens
  • Full-frame design
  • Hands-free (Auto) mode
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Adjustable fit to maximize comfort
  • Fail-safe to clear

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When seconds count, your eyewear should enable you to react instantly. In any environment, walking into a darkened building or stepping into the glaring sun, the CTRL® TS3 adjusts faster than any other eyewear on the market. Switch your tint manually (on/off button) or automatically (hands-free) in less than 1/10th of a second…that’s a blink of an eye!


Tinting that responds to your command. The CTRL® TS3 can operate with a simple press of a button, or in hands-free mode that you can adjust to your preference. With a built-in light sensor which you can program to your exact needs, this eyewear is the next-gen solution for today’s guardians.


When focus is crucial, CTRL® TS3 is in your corner. The split-second tint change in hands-free mode leaves you free to concentrate on what really matters when entering buildings, tunnels, or any shadowed area. When your eyewear actively adapts to changing light conditions, there is no need to lift your eyewear or take precious seconds to allow your eyes to adjust, leaving you unprotected in dangerous, fast-paced situations.

The eyewear is built to survive stringent U.S. ballistic impact requirements and has been impact tested to ANSI z87.1 for use in tactical operations. The high-quality optics of the lens meets ANSI z80.3f standards, in addition to anti-fog and 100% UV blocking. Equipped with a ‘fail-safe’ mechanism to ensure your safety – in the event of a loss of power, the lens will automatically go clear.


The CTRL® TS3 is equipped with several versatile features that allow you to enhance your experience. The eyewear includes adjustable nose pads and temple arms to allow for a comfortable and customized fit. The hands-free (auto) mode allows you to tailor the point at which it tints to adapt to your specific needs, and can be reset anytime your needs change in only a few seconds. Furthermore, a prescription lens mount is available to enhance your sight even further!


  • CTRL® TS3 spectacle
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Micro-USB Cord
  • Microfiber Carrying/Cleaning Bag
  • Retaining Head Strap
  • Anti-fog Solution
  • Quick Start Guide & Owner’s Manual.

Base 7.5

>55% to 12% (smoke lens)

ANSI z80.3f

Silicon Photodiode

1.6 oz. / 45 grams

High Impact Nylon TR90


Lithium Polymer (with charge protection)
USB Rechargeable, 50 mAh, 3.7 V

500 charge cycles (retain 80% + capacity)
Usage time: > 70 hrs. (typical usage ON 8 hrs. per day)
Charge time: up to 2 hrs. (from a fully depleted battery)
Storage time: average of 3 weeks

Operating: -10° to 45°C (14° to 113°F)
Charging: 0° to 45°C (32° to 113°F)

-10° to 45°C (14° to 113°F)

Hard cover carrying case, Micro-USB cable, Micro-fiber carrying/cleaning bag, Eyewear retaining strap, Owner’s Manual, *Antifog solution (for select models only)


What happens if the seal of the liquid crystal cell breaks?
e-Tint® products utilize a very tiny amount of a non-toxic dyed liquid crystal mixture and because of its minute amount and how the cell is kept together, it is very unlikely for any of it to come out even if the seal breaks. This liquid will leak only if the seal has been broken by excessive force. If it comes in contact with the skin, just wipe off and wash the area with soap and water. Contact with eyes: Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. The dye in the liquid crystal mixture will stain clothing.

Should I let the battery fully charge before using it the first time?
Yes. It is good practice with any rechargeable system to fully charge the battery before its first use. Then, let it fully drain and recharge it again. This establishes the battery recharging system.

Can I change the battery in my e-Tint® product?
No. All e-Tint products are equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery permanently integrated into the unit.

How long does the battery last?
e-Tint® technology relies on a very small applied voltage to keep the product in a tinted state In the clear state (off), the battery will remain charged for approximately three (3) weeks. A fully charged pair of CTRL® eyewear may have up to seventy (70) hours of tinted use, depending on usage. An Akari® AX12 insert may have up to forty (40) hours of tinted use, depending on usage. Like any electronic product (i.e. a cellphone, mp-3 player, etc.) the battery will chemically age and eventually die, and this will constitute what we describe as “reaching the end of its life”. The rechargeable lithium ion battery can withstand, on average, 500 full charge cycles (meaning a full recharge) and retain up to 30 hours of tinted “usage” time. After 500 charge cycles, the amount of charge the battery can hold diminishes, resulting in shorter amounts of time before it needs to be recharged. Ultimately, the “usage” time (or life of the battery) depends on the owner’s frequency of use. A fully depleted battery will take at least 2 hours to fully charge. A fully charged battery will stay charged for use for up to three weeks.

How do I know when my e-Tint® product is fully charged?
The product will turn off (clear state). This indicates that the battery is fully charged and ready for use.

What happens if the battery loses power while I am using my e-Tint® product?
The “fail safe” position of any e-Tint® product is the clear state (off). If the battery loses power while you are actively using your product, the lens will instantly turn clear.

Will my e-Tint® product be damaged if I leave it plugged into my computer or an outlet for days on end?
It is not recommended to leave any e-Tint® product connected to a charging source for long periods of time, as it may cause the battery to expand. If you are planning on storing your product for a prolonged period of time, we recommend fully charging the battery every 2-3 months.

Is there anything special to do before storing an e-Tint® product for a prolonged period of time?
If your product will be stored for a prolonged period of time, we recommend fully recharging the battery every 2-3 months. Doing so will prolong and protect the capacity of the battery. The environmental temperature also affects the storage life of any battery. Cool environments are best.

Can I unplug it while it is charging?
Yes, you may unplug the e-Tint® product from its charging source while charging. There is no special way to ‘eject’ the product from its charging source; simply unplug it.

At what minimum and maximum temperature am I able to charge, operate or store my e-Tint® product?
You may use or store your e-Tint® product in temperatures no lower than 14°F (-10°C) and no higher than 113°F (45°C).
You may charge your e-Tint® product in temperatures no lower than 32°F (0°C) and no higher than 113°F (45°C).

What is meant by “auto” or “hands-free”? Does it have a light detector?
All e-Tint® products have a small, built-in light sensor. When put in the Automatic or “Hands-free” mode, the product will automatically turn on and off when activated by light. To turn the product into Automatic mode, simply press and hold the button for three (3) seconds until it flashes, indicating that the product has switched to hands-free (auto) mode. You can adjust the light threshold or sensitivity of the product in Automatic mode (see below).

Can I adjust the tint level of my e-Tint® product?
No. At this time, our products only switch from a single clear (light) state to a single tinted (dark) state.

What is a light threshold or light sensitivity?
The light sensitivity (or ‘threshold’) is the light level at which the e-Tint product will turn on or off. This can only be adjusted for use in hands-free (auto) mode. See manual for how to adjust the light sensitivity (threshold).

When I go outside, my e-Tint® product rarely turns on while in auto mode. What does this mean and how do I fix it?
The light sensitivity (threshold) is not properly set for your lighting condition. If the product is rarely turning on and is usually off, then your threshold is set too high. To adjust the light sensitivity to your desired setting, see the Directions of Use in the Owner’s Manual or the FAQ:“What is the proper way to change the light sensitivity (threshold)?” . DO NOT attempt to operate a vehicle without first setting the light sensitivity to your desired lighting condition. If the problem persists after changing the light sensitivity, please use manual mode only and contact Customer Support.

What is the proper way to change the light sensitivity (threshold)?
Take your e-Tint® product into an area that has the lighting you feel you would want the tint to switch. Then, follow the light sensitivity adjustment procedure in the Owner’s Manual (in Directions Of Use). DO NOT attempt to operate a vehicle without first setting the light sensitivity to your desired lighting condition.
For example: if you are in bright sunlight outside and you adjust the threshold standing in the bright sun, the product will turn on (tint) when you expose it to the same level of bright sunlight, but not in light that is less bright. If you want your product to turn on in a less bright environment (e.g. on a cloudy day), you will have to find somewhere with that level of lighting (e.g. with the sun hidden under a cloud) and adjust the threshold there. In this way, exposure to a level of lighting equal to the less-bright sun under a cloud will turn the tint on.

Can I download the owner’s guide for my e-Tint product?
Yes, go to the product page for the product you own and download the Manual from the ‘Product Documents’ section.

What is the return/warranty policy for e-Tint® products?
You may return your unopened product for refund or exchange within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase from an authorized dealer or directly from us. All e-Tint® products are backed by a limited warranty that covers material and craftsmanship defects for six (6) months from the date of purchase. See Returns and Warranties on the website: http://www.e-tintproducts.com/returns-warranties/


Can CTRL® eyewear accommodate a prescription lens?
At this time, we do not offer a liquid crystal prescription lens. On select models, we do offer a prescription carrier designed to attach securely and comfortably to your CTRL® eyewear. You will need to take the carrier to an optometrist to fill your prescription.

Will CTRL® eyewear fit me and what is the size?
The lenses are a 7.5 base. The curve nicely bends around the shape of the face to protect from wind, sun, and rain. The size is made to fit most adults with a temple to temple distance of 5.31 inches/13.5 cm. The temple arms and nose pads on spectacle models are adjustable for an optimal fit.

What is the difference between e-Tint® and Transitions® (photochromic) lenses?
The first major difference is SPEED! Photochromic lenses are slow to change, e.g. about 1 minute to turn dark and around 5-7 minutes to turn clear again. e-Tint products can switch in less than 0.1 seconds (equivalent to the blink of an eye) to turn either dark or clear. A second major difference is CONTROL. Whether you’re driving into a tunnel or walking into a building, YOU decide when your eyewear should turn clear or dark. If you don’t want it to switch, it will not. Photochromics are not controllable, they only change with UV light.

Are the CTRL® lenses polarized?
No, the eyewear is not designed to be polarized. However, since the lenses have a liquid crystal layer, there is an anti-glare effect, even in the off state.

Although we do not require you to register your new product, it is important to keep the following information to obtain warranty service. In the event that you would like to file a claim, e-Tint Products will require:

  • LOT NO. Found on the UPC label (on the retail box)
  • SKU NO. Found on the UPC label (on the retail box)

For warranty/repair service, or to return any new, unopened product for a full
refund or exchange (within 30 days of purchase), please contact Customer Support at
support@e-tintproducts.com or by visiting www.e-tintproducts.com/customersupport for
a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and specific shipping instructions. Products returned for a full refund must be in new condition and in original packaging (including all accessories), and returned to us within 30 calendar days of the issuance of the RMA. A 20% restocking fee may be charged for any accessories or components missing from the returned product. A purchase receipt MUST be provided with the return of any product. Products returned without an RMA will not be eligible for a refund or exchange. The shipping and duty charges for returning a product are the
customer’s responsibility.

All e-Tint® products are warranted to the original purchaser for six (6) months from
the date of purchase against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Upon receiving returned product(s) that e-Tint determines to be defective, we will repair
or replace the product at our option. Please contact Customer Support at
support@e-tintproducts.com for warranty service.

Online Auction Purchases: Products purchased through online auctions (other than our primary websites) are not eligible for warranty coverage. Online auction confirmations are not accepted for warranty verification. Your exclusive remedy for breach of warranty will be the repair or replacement of the item as determined by us. This warranty does not affect the legal rights of customers under applicable state or national laws governing the sales of consumer goods.

The Return Policy and Limited Warranty does not apply to: (a) normal wear and tear, including scratched lenses; (b) damage due to neglect, abuse, misuse, or mishandling; (c) damage caused by improper storage or improper maintenance; (d) damage caused by use of chemicals or improper cleaning; (e) damage due to accidents or acts of nature; and (f) damage resulting from alterations, changes, or repairs not authorized in writing by e-Tint.


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