We receive 80% of information through our eyes.


Varying light conditions and glare can seriously impair vision. At best, it’s an inconvenience and slows performance.

At worst, lives are at stake.


CTRL® Eyewear precision optics provides the world’s first and only electronic, automatically tinting eyewear. The first lens to meet and exceed military standards, CTRL® instantly adapts to changing lighting conditions, transitioning a single lens in less than 0.1 second.

The CTRL Eyewear® Difference:

  • Regain visual control immediately in situations where every second counts
  • The world’s most rapid changing lens (0.1 second transition time)
  • Avoid time delays due to unexpected moments of glare
  • Speed transition time and eye adjustment as you move from light/dark spaces
  • Move seamlessly from outdoor to indoor (and vice-versa) lighting conditions
  • Stay focused with hands-free options for tint control
  • Improve precision of shooting, scanning, and pursuit by removing the lighting X factor
  • Extend time in the field with 70 hours of in-use battery life

Whether you are in battle, hunting, or pursuing your next record, protect your eyes and level-up your performance with CTRL and e-Tint technology.

No squinting. No unnecessary movement. No pause.

Precise, automated visual technology for advanced performance.

How it works | The Science of Tint Technology

The human eye is very sensitive to the intensity of ambient light. A moment of glare can stop us in our tracks. Traditionally, we have addressed this sensitivity by wearing sunglasses.

However, this old approach is not suitable for fast-paced life today. Whether on the battlefield, a sports field, or driving a car on a road full of distracted drivers, we often have only a moment to react – and can’t spare that moment to slow tinting lenses.

We need to know that we can rely on an optimized view of what’s ahead of us – at all times. The single-solution CTRL® lenses and visors, powered by E-Tint technology, automatically sense and adjust to ambient lighting in a split second (0.1 second).

The patented e-Tint® technology, developed by the award-winning researchers at AlphaMicron, offers the fastest tinting in the world. Using applied electronics and advanced liquid crystal physics, CTRL® offers next-generation capabilities in its eyewear solutions.

E-Tint® technology promises:

  • Exceptional contrast
  • Optimized electronic control
  • Multi-color and neutral capability
  • Exceptional material durability and flexibility

The Science of Success

To meet and exceed military requirements for eyewear, the science behind a product must be absolutely exceptional. CTRL® eyewear is now on the U.S. Army APEL list. Here’s how we got there:

Every CTRL® product benefits from over two decades of scientific research. Unlocking the untapped potential of liquid crystals to deliver electronically-controlled instantaneous color switching was the key.

The world-renowned scientists and engineers at AlphaMicron set to the task. Research and development took place across chemistry, material analytics and electronics labs, as well as manufacturing, testing and quality control spaces.

Finally, we were able to crack the age-old problem of how to place the liquid crystals that delivered this tint-changing technology on flexible plastic lenses for personal use. By curving those lenses, the world’s fastest-changing tint technology could now be used in visors, goggles and other eyewear for the first time.

Groundbreaking? Yes.
Life saving? Absolutely.

Advanced Electronics

e-Tint® performance has undergone rigorous testing of its advanced electronics materials and systems. The electronics are designed to minimize power consumption while maximizing the longevity of the device. All testing has been completed at AlphaMicron’s labs in Ohio.


Attractive, Functional Designs

 After extensive scientific and development to minimize power consumption and maximize longevity, we work with industry leaders to create designs that meet every requirement. From function to fashion, our aim is to deliver unprecedented performance in sleek, rugged styles.

Prototyping & Manufacturing

All materials, system parameters, and electronics are developed from scratch in-house, further tailored to individual product needs.  

This approach sets us apart – and it sets us ahead.

From custom-made materials or chemicals to our proprietary and patented manufacturing techniques, the results speak for themselves: our state-of-the-art products are widely recognized to be light-years ahead of the competition.

Product Testing & Compliance

For a product to be successful, it must meet its designed requirements consistently.  

For military safety items, this is non-negotiable and often a matter of life or death. To achieve this, our testing facilities have been Army-Certified, to ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality materials and workmanship, without exception.

Our facilities are ISO 9001-2015 compliant.

Tests Include:

Impact Resistance:

  • High mass
  • Lateral side protection
  • High speed impact testing


  • UV resistance
  • Temperature cycling
  • Temperature-humidity
  • Scratch and dig
  • Electro-optic lifetime testing


  • Refractive power
  • Astigmatism
  • Prism
  • Distortion
  • Chromiticity
  • Neutrality
  • Transmission
  • Haze

The Future of Light-sensitive Eyewear

What will be next? Bluetooth controlled active sensing and laser protection, for starters. Prepare for a new generation of ultra-fast light-reactive eyewear capable of providing never-seen-before adjustable laser protection. This innovation will provide active eye protection against laser and intense flashlight (including IR radiation), with our signature ultrafast (faster than 0.01 sec) switching time.