What is e-Tint

For decades, there has been a desire and need for a fast tinting eyewear that can adapt to different lighting conditions faster than the blink of an eye. Many technologies have been fielded including photochromic and electrochormic without success.

E-tint® is the first technology that has been able to achieve this and provide optical grade, instantaneous, electronic tint-on-demand eyewear for military and consumer applications.  

This technology was developed by AlphaMicron in response to the need by Air Force pilots and war fighters who can experience a rapidly changing lighting condition and need optimal lighting to perform.   Through research funded by the Department of Defense, AlphaMicron was able to circumvent the issues associated with this development and create a liquid crystal (LC)-based electronic tint-on-demand or e-Tint® on flexible lenses that can switch rapidly between clear and tinted states at the touch of a button or automatically.

e-Tint® uses a unique blend of patented dichroic dyes that are dissolved in a liquid crystal host. The formulation is then encapsulated between two high optical quality plastic films that are coated with transparent conductors. The tint of the film can then be altered by applying a small voltage from a rechargeable battery. This system provides a low power device capable of meeting the stringent requirements for ANSI optics while providing ANSI 87.1 level of impact protection.

Within the past decade, e-Tint® lenses have been fine-tuned and designed specifically for consumer and military eyewear such as visors, goggle and glasses.

Unique Features of e-Tint® LC Lenses

Fast Switching

Fast switching between clear and tinted phase – 0.1 seconds (compare to Transitions® lenses that slowly switch over several seconds to minutes).

Flexible Plastic Lens

Flexible plastic lenses – Unlike conventional LCD’s that use flat glass, e-Tint® lenses are flexible and so can be used to fit various frame shapes, goggle, visors, etc.

Fail to Clear

Fail to clear –If for any reason the voltage or electric current delivery to the lenses fails, the e-Tint® lens will automatically go “clear”, thereby ensuring safety.

Manual Control

Manual Control – The user can decide when and where to switch the lenses on or off.


Automatic Option

Automatic option – e-Tint® lenses can include an automatic feature using a light detector to detect the amount of ambient light and switch the lenses automatically if desired.

Threshold Control

Threshold control –  When operating in the AUTO mode, the user can choose the ambient light conditions under which the automatic tinting occurs.

Long Battery Life

Long battery life –because the lens is clear in the off state, and because the switching of the lens uses very little voltage, the device has a long battery life where one charge lasts for upwards of 40 hrs of “ON” use

Meets Military Specification

Meets military specification –  e-Tint® lenses use high-performance patented and proprietary dichroic dyes with unprecedented performance, enabling e-Tint® lenses to be configured to meet the optical clarity and transmission specifications for the U.S. Air Force and Army daytime use.

Interchangeable Lens

Interchangeable lens – the user can change the electronic lens to a conventional clear lens for night time use.