AlphaMicron, Inc. Launches the E-Tint® AX-10 LCD Motorcycle Visor Inserts

AlphaMicron Inc., a manufacturer of innovative liquid crystal eyewear applications, recently announced the e-Tint® AX-10 and AX-10 ARAI, the latest additions to their lineup of LCD motorcycle visor inserts. Both inserts feature the revolutionary patented liquid crystal technology developed for U.S. Air Force pilots, offering the motorsport enthusiast instant electronic tint in less than 1/10th of a second. A notable new feature includes the external button that may be mounted to the front of the faceshield for manual, rider-controlled tint. And now, with the AX-10 ARAI, you can enjoy e-Tint® with all Arai® helmet models.

“Riders often face crucial challenges with varying light conditions: cloud coverage changes, bright sun blazing at the end of a tunnel, gaps of sunlight piercing through buildings,” says Bahman Taheri, CEO of AlphaMicron. “For years, the motorcycle market has tried a host of mechanical solutions to reduce these hassles and safety risks. Finally, the world has been given an innovative, electronic solution: instantaneous tint on demand. Without a doubt, e-Tint® is a quantum leap in visor technology and is revolutionizing the motorcycle industry.”

The e-Tint® AX-10 inserts satisfy multiple demands on the road: safety, control, and convenience, all in a timely manner. Now riders may easily install an insert into their faceshield and eliminate the need to carry extra visors or wear sunglasses inside their helmet. This state of the art technology also improves riders’ visibility and greatly reduces eye strain in rapidly changing light conditions.

The inserts mount to nearly all standard faceshields by adhesive. The liner is removed from the adhesive gasket on the back, the insert is centered and aligned on the faceshield, and then it is pressed into place. No tools or special pins are required. Then, riders have the option to mount an adhesive backed button to the front of the faceshield for manual tint control. The insert is easily switched on and off by simply pressing the button. The e-Tint® AX-10s may also be used in automatic, light-sensing mode. A built-in photo cell changes the tint of the visor automatically, so riders may keep their hands on the bike and off of their helmet.

Additional features include a permanent anti-fog coating eliminating the need for re-application, like most wipe or spray anti-fog solutions. This feature is further enhanced by the double lens system. Air and moisture that is inevitably trapped between the insert and the polycarbonate faceshield will not cause fogging. In addition, the AX-10s are conveniently equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer Ion battery (with built-in protection). The battery is easily recharged via a supplied micro USB cable.

AlphaMicron is particularly pleased with the AX-10 ARAI model. “Most riders are familiar with the unique design of an Arai® helmet,” says Roy Miller, Director of Technical Sales and Marketing. “Our early e-Tint® models were designed to be compatible with most helmets, but weren’t able to accommodate the air vents in the Arai® faceshield. We were inspired by the high demand from the Arai riders, so we pushed to deliver. Our custom fit Arai® insert has been a huge hit so far. We are very excited to expand and offer this unique product to a larger riding market.”

The AX-10 and the AX-10 ARAI is now available worldwide for a suggested retail price of $149.99 (US) at, with discounts available to dealers and distributors.

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ABOUT ALPHAMICRON AlphaMicron Inc. is a high tech company located in Kent, Ohio, specializing in research, development, and production of multiple liquid crystal applications for the military and consumer. For more information, please visit:

e-Tint® is a registered trademark of AlphaMicron, Inc. Arai® is a registered trademark of Arai Helmets, Inc.

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